Thursday, December 08, 2022

This November, pick a candidate of character

| September 29, 2022 1:00 AM

Character counts! When I go into the voting booth to select someone who will represent me, I want a person of character. Steve Johnson’s announcement to run a District 1 Senate write-in candidate against Scott Herndon is welcome news as voters now have a choice between someone of character and someone who goes as low as possible to win.

Scott Herndon lied about being endorsed by the Boundary County Republican Central Committee and he spread numerous falsehoods about Jim Woodward, an honest, decent man who worked effectively and tirelessly as our senator.

Any candidate who lies will not get my vote and that is reason enough to vote for Steve Johnson. But a visit to Johnson’s website is a welcome surprise as it reveals that we have a quality candidate in Steve Johnson. Steve Johnson’s priorities are reducing property taxes, supporting quality education and preserving our rural lifestyle. All goals that are important to voters.

Johnson is ethical and he puts the interests of District 1 ahead of ideology. Please join me in writing in Steven Johnson for District 1 Senate. Request an absentee ballot at, vote early, or show up in person on Nov. 8. But above all, vote for ethical representation by writing in Steve Johnson for District 1 Senate.



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