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Player is a credit to himself, team, community

| September 29, 2022 1:00 AM

I'd like to report an incident I witnessed Friday night, Aug. 26, before the first home football game.

I watched a varsity player, No. 21, standing by the JV players encouraging and mentoring them. For a very brief instant, I also saw him glance back to the bleachers. There in the stands was a very old gentleman, wearing a Eureka Lions hat, attempting to navigate the steps. He was really struggling as his cane kept slipping. I was just about to go down and help him. However, Cleo Henslee, No. 21, saw the man and turned himself into a bolt of lightning, shooting across the track, up the steps to the man's side. He gently helped the man find a seat, then asked if there was anything else he needed. Seeing none, he jogged back to the JV team to continue helping, thinking nothing of his actions. His response to this need directly reflects upon his family, the school, the team and coaches, and the Bonners Ferry community.

I hope folks realize that the teens living here in Bonners Ferry are NOT like the ones portrayed in “Hollyweird” or on TV. Cleo's small act of kindness is a reflection of everything good that is happening here. If you want to see him and others representing Bonners Ferry in a football matchup, come to the next home game.

Having students like Cleo, who can see potential issues before they occur (i.e. an old man falling down the bleachers) and taking action makes the school and community a great place to live. Not to mention how that man, and everyone who saw Cleo's actions will view and talk about the people of Bonners Ferry.


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