Tuesday, June 06, 2023

How Boundary County School District spends tax dollars

| March 30, 2023 1:00 AM

County School District schools were in session Jan. 24-28 with activities while three BCSD administrators and two teachers took off for sunny San Antonio, Texas, for luxury hotel accommodations and a Riviera gondola boat ride through the city paid with your tax money.

The salaries paid to these BCSD staff were for being on the job in Idaho during district school classes and activities, not taking a warm weather junket for seminars on the taxpayers' tab. And where did the money come from to provide substitute teachers and administrators while these essential change agents were supposedly learning how to turn around a failing BCSD education system? BCSD schools are supposed to be teaching students, not taking lavish holidays and receiving free education at taxpayers' expense.

Interesting that BCSD says it needed a supplemental levy to desperately keep additional teachers on the payroll, but there is plenty of money to send Superintendent Jan Bayer, two administrators, and two teachers on a learning seminar in San Antonio for about $10,000 of taxpayers funded non-essential training, including $767 per night for hotel accommodations.



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