Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Vote Bohachek, Colson to protect our freedoms

| May 11, 2023 1:00 AM

Today I cast my vote for Aaron Bohachek for Zone 3 Library Board. Boundary County residents deserve the right to decide for themselves what books they want to read. It is clear the other candidates don’t understand the purpose of the board and will use their positions to force their religious ideology on all library users, instead of preserving the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Poor policies like the ones they have proposed have unintended consequences that are being seen in other districts, where challenges are being made to remove the Bible from libraries due to violence and graphic depictions of rape, murder and incest. Would you want someone to tell you that you can’t share the Bible with your children because they disagree with the violence and graphic sexual passages it contains? This is the door that a vote for Clark and Wilson opens.

It was incredibly disturbing to hear the lies told at the candidate forum, especially that Aaron and Lee are in favor of bringing porn into the library. Existing library policy gives parents full and final say over what books their children bring home. They have advocated for parents to have the freedom to decide whether a book, be it the Bible or gender queer, is appropriate for their child, rather than denying everyone access to books with challenging themes.

This election is your opportunity to speak loudly on the side of freedom by voting for Aaron Bohacheck and Lee Colson, candidates that support your right to read.


Bonners Ferry

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