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Boundary County Christmas gift exchange announced

| October 26, 2023 1:00 AM

The Boundary County Christmas gift exchange is coming to town.

What is it?

Everyone that would like to be involved is provided a random name and mailing address for another member of the community who is also participating in the exchange. As a participating member, you must send that person a Christmas gift. If all participants follow through, everyone will in return also get a gift from another community member.


1) The gift must be either handmade by you, a member of your family, or a product from a business that you own (no running to Walmart or Amazon for this one).

2) The gift should arrive by Christmas morning.

3) You may include items purchased from a store as long as the primary item meets rule No. 1. It is strongly encouraged that you purchase from a store in Boundary County.

4) There is no price/value limit. This is part of what makes an exchange like this fun. Gifts can be anything ... homemade jams/jellies, baked goods, wood/metal/leather crafts, artwork, signs, etc. Get creative and have some fun with it! Who knows what you may receive back.

5) If you agree to participate and fail to send out a gift, you will be added to the "no play" list for next year.

To participate please message or contact John BeckerĀ at 208-255-8955. Leave your name, mailing address and phone number in the message.

Entry deadline is midnight on Oct. 31, 2023. Participants will be randomly assigned someone to buy a gift for on Nov. 1, with contact information to each gifter.

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