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WALK: Great day and great cause

Great day for a walk Saturday! Blue skies and wonderful people who came together for the cause.

For those who could not make it, our team was recognized at the walk for raising more than $1,000 ($1030.75 to be exact). We were given a sign to carry with our teams name on it. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

The Walk to End Alzheimerís as a whole raised over $50,000 toward their goal of $63,000. They are accepting donations until the end of October to go in this yearís numbers.

So, this is a year around effort to raise funds. If you have any ideas how, as a group, we can help those who can no longer help themselves, please share. I have contacted Two Tones restaurant about a possible fundraiser night, but have not heard back from them. One of the churches has contacted me, and I will be talking to them in the future, about how their congregation can participate. Does anyone have connections with the Restorium? Maybe a raffle basket there?

Anyway, time for a rest. Thank you again for your participation and well wishes.

Kathy Konek

Bonners Ferry

act.alz.org/goto/ bonnersferrywalkers

SURVEY: A Boundary County conundrum

My neighbor had his attorney contact me about the SURVEYED (2018) property line he thinks is in error.

Months go by. Nothing said any further about a possible survey error. No new surveys done.

My neighbor is now building a NEW fence 12+ FEET past the SURVEYED, RECORDED (2018) and MARKED property line.

I called the sheriff to report trespass. The neighbor told the sheriff it is his property. End of story according to the deputy.

Apparently it does not fit the new trespass law and is instead a ďcivil matter.Ē

Guess Iím SOL. Iím soon to be fenced out of land I paid for. Land the county/state says I own. Land I pay taxes on.

It could be worse I suppose ... he could have claimed my dog was his too.

Rosanne Smith

Moyie Spring

FIRE: Work of agencies appreciated

I would like to thank the many people and fire agencies who assisted in controlling the Fleming Creek Fire of August 24.

I own acreage that could have been devastated. This Rocking Tree Road land was purchased by my late husband Sheldon Cordes in the 1940s.

Beverly Huff-Cordes

Fallon, Nev.

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