Letter to the Editor: Reboubt Movement

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REDOUBT: Fear, hatred have no place here

Several local residents have requested explanation of the “redoubt movement” and its relationship to our community. The natural beauty and rural lifestyle of north Idaho attract many newcomers. The redoubters are unique in that they imagine this to be a place where they can best survive a future collapse of U.S. society.

A redoubt is a fortress, and the rhetoric of this movement is one of armed defense against imagined enemies. This is fear-based thinking, and fear brings hatred. Self-proclaimed redoubt spokespeople and their websites promote intolerance of people of different faiths and sexuality, hatred of government programs, and a belief that private arsenals are necessary for survival. This is not a movement of back-to-the-landers and hunters; it is a political movement that calls for “like-minded people” to colonize the Inland Northwest.

An undercurrent of white supremacism is common in redoubt literature, along with outright claims of protecting “Christian culture.” But doesn’t Christian scripture teach that “perfect love casts out fear”? It is our hope that the people of Boundary County do not fall for divisive messages of fear, hatred, intolerance, and violence.

Boundary County Human Rights Task Force Board

Craig Kelson, Dawn Wagner, Diana Tombleson, Barbara Russell, Elsie Hollenbeck, Linda Hall, Timothy Braatz

BIRTH CERTIFICATES: Say no to changes

There are TWO (2) current sexes of most all living species, including WE the People. These are apparent at the time of conception and birth. No matter what you “want” to be, it does not change what you are, “actually.” It is OK to just “BE … but not to LIE. Changing a document is ludicrous, and is a LIE. DO NOT allow this prerequisite to happen as another falsehood to the Human Species. It’s just FAKE News and falls into the category of communist propaganda ...

That’s what the “Evil Elite” want … first Socialism, than Fascist, and finally Communism!


Idaho Congress must VOTE NO!

Nancy Turley

Bonners Ferry

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