Three Badgers win titles at St. Maries tourney

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ST. MARIES — On Jan. 4 and 5, the Badger wrestling team competed at the Chad E. Ross Memorial Tournament in St. Maries, finishing fourth among eight teams and having three Badgers earn individual titles.

Austin Madden (106 pounds), Eli Richards (145) and Gabe See (220) placed first for Bonners Ferry while seven other Badgers placed at the tournament.

Madden won in the 106 class after he pinned Clearwater Valley’s Fallon Wilkins. Richards won the 145 class after pinning Clearwater Valley’s Cedar Fisher. And See pinned Delbert Lambson of St. Maries to claim the 220 title.

Other placers for the Badgers were Jake Summerland (98, third), Bryan Durette (132, third), Manuel Naccarato (138, second), Chad Maas (138, third), Preston Coon (152, fourth), Andrew Sandelin-Macintosh (182, third) and Donovan Varelman (195, third).

Bonners Ferry hosted Intermountain League foe Priest River on Tuesday, Jan. 8, in a dual meet, and will travel to the River City Duals event this Friday and Saturday in Post Falls.

Chad E Ross Memorial Tournament, St. Maries H.S.

Team results: 1. Clearwater Valley 262.0, 2. Lakeland 199.5, 3. St. Maries 197.0, 4. Bonners Ferry 184.0, 5. Lewiston 90.0, 6. Rogers 20.0, 7. Grangeville 18.0, 8. Kootenai 12.0.

Bonners Ferry results

98: Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) - third

Quarterfinals - bye

Semifinals - lost to Landon Olsen (Clearwater Valley), fall 1:49

Cons. semis, 3rd place match - bye

106: Austin Madden (Bonners Ferry) - first

Quarterfinals, semifinals - bye

1st Place Match - def. Fallon Wilkins (Clearwater Valley), fall 2:59

126: Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) - DNP

Quarterfinals lost to Caleb Barger (Grangeville), fall 3:24

Cons. Round 1 - bye

Cons. Semis - lost to Christian Fabbi (Clearwater Valley), fall 3:00

132: Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) - third

Quarterfinals - def. Jeremiah Bursch (Lewiston), fall 2:23

Semifinals - lost to Matt Morris (St. Maries), fall 3:02

Cons. Semis - def. Kainin Jochumsen (Rogers), fall 0:59

3rd Place Match - def. Jeremiah Bursch (Lewiston), fall 1:30

138: Chad Maas (Bonners Ferry) - third

Champ. Round 1 - bye

Quarterfinals - def. Blaise Wright (Lakeland), fall 5:41

Semifinals - lost to Hayden Villa (St. Maries), fall 1:21

Cons. Semis - def. Soren Sabahtke (Lakeland), fall 2:27

3rd Place Match - def. Devon Suko (Lakeland), dec. 2-1

138: Grant Merritt (Bonners Ferry) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - def. Blake Nemeth (St. Maries), fall 2:21

Quarterfinals lost to Devon Suko (Lakeland), MD 10-2

Cons. Round 2 - lost to Landon Keen (Clearwater Valley), MD 11-1

138: Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) - second

Champ. Round 1 - bye

Quarterfinals - def. Soren Sabahtke (Lakeland), fall 0:54

Semifinals - def. Devon Suko (Lakeland), dec. 7-2

1st Place Match - lost to Hayden Villa (St. Maries), fall 2:55

145: Eli Richards (Bonners Ferry) - first

Quarterfinals - def. Tyler Killian (Lakeland), fall 0:36

Semifinals - def. Tucker Clugston (Lakeland), fall 0:43

1st Place Match - def. Cedar Fisher (Clearwater Valley), fall 4:54

152: Preston Coon (Bonners Ferry) - fourth

Champ. Round 1 - bye

Quarterfinals - def. Jake Skinner (Lewiston), fall 1:28

Semifinals - lost to Gage Norton (St. Maries), fall 5:54

Cons. Semis - def. Logan Hunt (Lewiston), dec. 7-3

3rd Place Match - lost to Rhonin Edwards (Lakeland), fall 1:28

160: Nathaniel Varelman (Bonners Ferry) - DNP

Quarterfinals - lost to Shaun Anderson (St. Maries), TF 18-2 5:36

Cons. Round 1 def. Christian Sweeney (Rogers), fall 0:40

Cons. Semis - lost to Nathaniel Varelman (Bonners Ferry), MD 11-2

170: Jackson Richter (Bonners Ferry) - DNP

Quarterfinals - lost to Tyrell Hopkins (Lewiston), fall 4:33

Cons. Round 1 - bye

Cons. Semis - lost to Rick Lewis (Lakeland), fall 3:17

170: Connor Underhill (Bonners Ferry) - DNP

Quarterfinals - lost to Steven Toland (St. Maries), dec. 4-3)

Cons. Round 1 - def. Cyrus Town (Lewiston), fall 1:22

Cons. Semis - lost to Tyrell Hopkins (Lewiston), SV-1, 7-5

182: Andrew Sandelin-Macintosh (Bonners Ferry) - third

Quarterfinals - bye

Semifinals - lost to Challis Adams (Lewiston), fall 1:05

Cons. Semis - bye

3rd Place Match - def. Joel Zaken (Lakeland), fall 2:45

195: Donovan Varelman (Bonners Ferry) - third

Quarterfinals - def. Kyle Sibert (St. Maries), fall 3:51

Semifinals - lost to Bubba Summers (Clearwater Valley), fall 1:35

3rd Place Match - def. Kyle Sibert (St. Maries), fall 2:20

220: Gabe See (Bonners Ferry) - first

Quarterfinals - bye

Semifinals - def. Jarred Killian (Lakeland), fall 1:19

1st Place Match - def. Delbert Lambson (St. Maries), fall 3:53

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