Five BFHS wrestlers place at state

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  • Courtesy photo Gabe See takes down his opponent during a 195-pound match at the 3A state tournament at Idaho State University’s Holt Arena.

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    (Courtesy Photo) Eli Richards on recieved sixth place.

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    (Courtesy Photo) Manuel Naccarato placed sixth.

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    (Courtesy Photo) Jake Summerfield placed fifth.

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    (Courtesy Photo) Gabe See placed second.

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    (Courtesy Photo) Evan Barajas made second.

  • Courtesy photo Gabe See takes down his opponent during a 195-pound match at the 3A state tournament at Idaho State University’s Holt Arena.

  • 1

    (Courtesy Photo) Eli Richards on recieved sixth place.

  • 2

    (Courtesy Photo) Manuel Naccarato placed sixth.

  • 3

    (Courtesy Photo) Jake Summerfield placed fifth.

  • 4

    (Courtesy Photo) Gabe See placed second.

  • 5

    (Courtesy Photo) Evan Barajas made second.

POCATELLO — The Badger wrestlers competed in the 2019 Idaho High School State Championships in Pocatello on Feb. 22 and 23. The team brought home five state medalists, with two making it to the finals.

One of them was Evan Barajas, who tore through the 3A 113-pound bracket to reach the finals, losing in a heartbreaker, 7-6, to returning undefeated state champion, Kade Orr.

“Last year, Kade Orr beat him pretty bad,” said Coach Kevin Campbell. “To come back this year and to be so close really shows how far Evan has come this year. I have no doubt Evan will make it to the top of the podium in high school.”

Gabe See (195) had an exciting semifinal match against Browning Bennion of Sugar-Salem, defeating him in a sudden victory with a takedown at the edge of the mat.

“It was really intense,” said Campbell. “He ran into an absolute monster in the finals.”

The win led See to compete in the first place match against four-time state champion, Jonathon Fagen of Fruitland. Fagen is also a Greco National Champion and a member of the Cadet World Team.

“Just getting to wrestle that kind of kid in the finals is an honor,” said Campbell. “Getting second is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Jake Summerfield (98) placed fifth, Eli Richards (145) placed sixth, and Manuel Naccarato (138) also placed sixth.

“Bringing home some hardware is goal No. 1 when you walk in the arena, and they did a great job meeting that goal,” said Campbell.

Austin Madden (106) lost in the round that places wrestlers in the top six, called the blood round, and Kyle Smith (152) lost in a close match in the round before that.

“Many of our kids’ only losses were to kids who ended up placing,” said Campbell. “So they are right there, really close to making it on the podium.”

As graduation looms in the near future, the team will be losing four of the 15 wrestlers who made it to State, including Gabe See, who was one of the five placers.

“Gabe, Jesse, Preston and Donovan will be missed,” said Campbell. “They each developed a relationship with these younger kids. They were a fun group of seniors who kept everyone relaxed during high stress times. We wish them the best of luck in the future.”

Manuel Naccarato, Evan Barajas, Jake Summerfield, and Eli Richards will be returning to the team next season to help them get to state again. As a team, Bonners Ferry placed 10th in 3A with 91 points, finishing ahead of Intermountain League foes Timberlake, Kellogg and Priest River.

“The future of BFHS wrestling is bright, and we expect to be in the thick of things the next few years,” said Campbell.

2019 Idaho State Wrestling Meet — 3A

TEAM SCORES: 1, Sugar-Salem 205. 2, Snake River 191.5. 3, Fruitland 188. 4, South Fremont 178. 5, Weiser 145.5. 6, Marsh Valley 125. 7, Kimberly 109. 8, American Falls 106. 9, Buhl 98.5. 10, Bonners Ferry 91. 11 (tie), Gooding, Timberlake 85. 13, Teton 81. 14, Homedale 73. 15 (tie), Parma, Priest River 64. 17, Kellogg 46. 18, Filer 24. 19, Payette 11.


(North Idaho wrestlers)

113: Kade Orr, Buhl, d. Evan Barajas, Bonners Ferry, 7-6.

126: Destin Summers, Snake River, md. Isaiah Evans, Timberlake, 12-3.

195: Jonathon Fagen, Fruitland, p. Gabe See, Bonners Ferry, 1:44.

220: Wyatt Kearn, American Falls, tf. Aaron Reyes, Priest River, 15-0.


106: Miguel Medrano, Fruitland, p. Dakota Eixenberger, Kellogg, 4:54.

182: Joe Follini, Timberlake, d. Truston Wilson, Priest River, 5-0.


98: Jake Summerfield, Bonners Ferry, d. Jace Buescher, Weiser, 8-2.

120: Dylan Glider, Sugar-Salem, p. Ethan Guy, Kellogg, 4:18.

132: Judson Hall, Kellogg, p. Ethan Jerome, Timberlake, 2:52.

138: Dalton Arnzen, Fruitland, d. Manuel Naccarato, Bonners Ferry, 4-0.

145: Tate Benson, Snake River, md. Eli Richards, Bonners Ferry, 12-0.

152: Daylin Duncan, South Fremont, p. Caleb Miller, Timberlake, 3:52.

170: Colby Poe, Priest River, p. Josh Yanez, Timberlake, :58.


106: Jonathan Marin, Sugar-Salem, d. Eixenberger, Kellogg, 4-1.

113: Barajas, Bonners Ferry, d. Carson Hemsley, Marsh Valley, 9-3.

120: Jonah Bacon, Kimberly, md. Guy, Kellogg, 10-1.

126: Evans, Timberlake, d. Kooper vonBrethorst, Weiser, 7-4.

132: Kyle Richardson, Snake River, d. Hall, Kellogg, 7-6.

152: Rogelio Caldera, Snake River, p. Miller, Timberlake, 5:24.

170: Josh Bednar, Teton, p. Yanez, Timberlake, 2:53.

182: Greg Gissel, Fruitland, d. Follini, Timberlake, 6-2.

195: See, Bonners Ferry, d. Browning Bennion, Sugar-Salem, 3-1.

220: Reyes, Priest River, p. Brisyn Cutburth, Fruitland, 5:50.


98: Teo Sanchez, Buhl, p. Summerfield, Bonners Ferry, 2:16.

106: Eixenberger, Kellogg, p. Gustavo Carranza, South Fremont, 2:07.

120: Brock Young, Marsh Valley, d. Guy, Kellogg, 3-1.

132: Hunter Hill, Teton, md. Jerome, Timberlake, 9-0; Martin Flores, Parma, d. Hall, Kellogg, 5-3.

138: Easton Banta, South Fremont, p. Naccarato, Bonners Ferry, 2:40.

145: Cesar Tavarez, South Fremont, p. Richards, Bonners Ferry, 2:01.

152: Dillon Peterson, Marsh Valley, md. Miller, Timberlake, 12-3.

170: Logan Anderson, Gooding, p. Yanez, Timberlake, :47; Marcus Mortensen, Snake River, p. Poe, Priest River, 1:29.

182: Follini, Timberlake, p. Skyler Moore, Filer, :58; Wilson, Priest River, d. Hunter O’Berg, Kimberly, 4-3.


98: Summerfield, Bonners Ferry, p. Carter Stepro, Kellogg, 2:25.

106: Chance Bennett, Buhl, p. Austin Madden, Bonners Ferry, 2:57.

132: Jerome, Timberlake, p. Tristan Smith, Marsh Valley, 4:25.

138: Naccarato, Bonners Ferry, p. Robert Sudderth, Weiser, 4:04.

145: Richards, Bonners Ferry, p. Tom Henderhan, Filer, :54.

170: Poe, Priest River, d. Layne Murdock, Parma, 8-2.

182: Wilson, Priest River, p. Carson Roberts, Sugar-Salem, 2:30.

Bonners Ferry results

98: Jake Summerfield (29-14) placed 5th and scored 15.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Summerfield p. Hali Statham (Snake River), 0:21.

Quarterfinal: Tristen Brown (Sugar-Salem) md. Summerfield, 9-0.

Cons. Round 2: Summerfield p. Carter Stepro (Kellogg), 2:25.

Cons. Round 3: Summerfield p. Mitchell Hansen (South Fremont), 2:33.

Cons. Semifinal: Teo Sanchez (Buhl) p. Summerfield, 2:16.

5th Place Match: Summerfield d. Jace Buescher (Weiser), 8-2.

106: Austin Madden (29-13) scored 7.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Madden p. Fernando Hernandez (American Falls), 1:59.

Quarterfinal: Jonathan Marin (Sugar-Salem) p. Madden, 0:42.

Cons. Round 2: Madden p. Kyler Singleton (Sugar-Salem), 0:23.

Cons. Round 3: Chance Bennett (Buhl) p. Madden, 2:57.

113: Evan Barajas (39-7) placed 2nd and scored 22.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Barajas p. Brogan Leckenby (Kimberly), 0:17.

Quarterfinal: Barajas p. Harley Skelly (Fruitland), 3:51.

Semifinal: Barajas d. Carson Hemsley (Marsh Valley), 9-3.

1st Place Match: Kade Orr (Buhl) d. Barajas, 7-6.

126: Spencer Eby (11-24) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Ryker Permann (American Falls) p. Eby, 1:58.

Cons. Round 1: Beau Hackworth (South Fremont) p. Eby, 2:24.

138: Manuel Naccarato (39-15) placed 6th and scored 13.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Naccarato p. Jackson Coverley (South Fremont), 3:56.

Quarterfinal: Dalton Arnzen (Fruitland) d. Naccarato, 7-0.

Cons. Round 2: Naccarato p. Chad Maas (Bonners Ferry), 1:45.

Cons. Round 3: Naccarato p. Robert Sudderth (Weiser), 4:04.

Cons. Semifinal: Easton Banta (South Fremont) p. Naccarato, 2:40.

5th Place Match: Dalton Arnzen (Fruitland) d. Naccarato, 4-0.

138: Chad Maas (18-14) scored 1.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Tayten Gillette (Gooding) md. Maas, 10-0.

Cons. Round 1: Maas d. Isac Avalos (American Falls), 5-3.

Cons. Round 2: Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) p. Maas, 1:45.

145: Eli Richards (33-19) placed 6th and scored 13.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Richards p. Cutter Orchard (South Fremont), 2:52.

Quarterfinal: Riley Hallett (Kimberly) p. Richards, 6:35.

Cons. Round 2: Richards p. Beau Beck (American Falls), 2:27.

Cons. Round 3: Richards p. Tom Henderhan (Filer), 0:54.

Cons. Semifinal: Cesar Tavarez (South Fremont) p. Richards, 2:01.

5th Place Match: Tate Benson (Snake River) md. Richards, 12-0.

145: Preston Coon (19-15) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: James Fullmer (Teton) p. Coon, 1:28.

Cons. Round 1: Matthew Morris (Weiser) p. Coon, 4:06.

152: Kyle Smith (28-16) scored 2.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Smith d. Clayton Beesley (Weiser), 4-1.

Quarterfinal: Caleb Miller (Timberlake) p. Smith, 4:25.

Cons. Round 2: Daylin Duncan (South Fremont) d. Smith, 7-6.

160: Nathaniel Varelman (15-21) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Trace Mayo (Kimberly) md. Varelman, 13-1.

Cons. Round 1: Stetson Beesley (Weiser) p. Varelman, 1:00.

170: Jesse Bradley (12-20) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Logan Anderson (Gooding) p. Bradley, 1:52.

Cons. Round 1: Layne Murdock (Parma) md. Bradley, 14-1.

182: Donovan Varelman (7-12) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Sawyer Hobbs (South Fremont) p. Varelman, 0:52.

Cons. Round 1: Luka Schneider (American Falls) d. Varelman (Bonners Ferry), 12-7.

195: Gabe See (43-7) placed 2nd and scored 18.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: See d. McCall Hopkins (Kimberly), 5-2.

Quarterfinal: See d. Trey Wilson (Sugar-Salem), 12-5.

Semifinal: See d. Browning Bennion (Sugar-Salem),SV-1, 3-1.

1st Place Match: Jonathon Fagen (Fruitland) p. See, 1:44.

220: Zachary Miller (2-11) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Wyatt Kearn (American Falls) p. Miller, 0:06.

Cons. Round 1: Kurtis Adkinson (Gooding) p. Miller, 0:17.

285: Isaiah Shottanana (6-8) scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1: Jordan Dodge (South Fremont) p. Shottanana, 1:33.

Cons. Round 1: Jayden Cooper (Fruitland) p. Shottanana, 0:30.

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