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Translator TV switching from VHF to UHF

| November 17, 2006 8:00 PM


Staff Writer

Translator T.V. has changed from V.H.F. (Very High Frequency) antennas to the new digital U.H.F. (Ultra High Frequency) in an attempt to make more channels and a better signal available.

Channel 13 which previously was viewed from a V.H.F. antenna has now been changed to channel 50, which uses the new U.H.F. antenna. Channel 9 has been changed to 35, although right now, channel 9 is on both channel 9 and 35.

"The existing changes are just the beginning. Channel 13 went away and basically it is needed … to be used as a digital station. Translator Television has no authority over which channels are kept and which aren't. If the FCC wants that channel used as a digital channel Translator TV has to do it. In an effort to making viewing easier T.T.V. has changed its channels and its antenna type," Eric Lederhos, Automation Owner, said. "We are now digital equipment ready, but what we do is take an old station and turn it in hopes that it will be viewable to more people. Right now we have a few issues, basically we don't have the output power required to get those changed channels off of Black Mountain."

With the change from V.H.F. to U.H.F. everybody, or most everybody, will need U.H.F. translators in order to view the new digital channels. Right now we are not done with the problems encountered, Lederhos said.

The community has experienced many changes that have affected many people's viewing habits, and a lot of them are having trouble receiving with their antennas. Rabbit-ear antennas are having quite a difficult time picking up those frequencies, Lederhos said.

"Some people will get their channels better than others depending on the position of their antennas. Some objects may cause the signal to bounce around, and now even though we have changed, people are not making the correct changes. Basically if people don't make the necessary changes they won't be able to get TV."