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The ring-necked pheasant can be found in county

However, it was a ring-necked pheasant that caught my attention last week as I was traveling the Farm to Market ...

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Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative meeting Nov. 23

Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative

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Winter storm warning issued

Winter storm warning issued for the Idaho Panhandle from 11 p.m. tonight until 4 p.m. Friday.

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KVRI hosting sub-committee Grizzly Bear Meeting

KVRI Grizzly Bear Sub-Committee Meeting

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Coalition urges governors for collaboration to save salmon

A coalition of 25 organizations from the Pacific and Inland Northwest region has issued a letter to the four governors of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washingt...

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River otters: playful and fast swimmers

It was just a flash of a furry animal with short brown hair and a long tail by the creek that got my attention. Upon further observation I saw it was an adul...

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Western Grebe; a ballet dancer in a tux!

Last week while observing along the Kootenai River I saw a long-necked, nearly all-black water bird with white chin, neck, chest and yellow bill with unusual...

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Alta garners major recognition for work in sustainability

Long known as the standard bearer in the timber industry, Alta Forest Products is garnering big-time attention for its progressive work in sustainability and...

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Blue Jay or Steller’s Jay: That is the question

“These jays have similar personalities. Both are raucous and have a bit of a reputation for being ‘bad boys.’ They are as watchful as dogs, and that they neg...

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Ken English receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Ken English has received a lifetime achievement award from the Idaho Fish & Game for his work caring and rehabilitating birds of prey in the region.

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Photo of the week: Tamarack Trees

Awe, the Gifts of Fall, the Tamarack trees.

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Bright fall colors invite you to capture the majesty

I notice the changing color of the leaves and the swift passage of these autumn days. While driving last week-end along the Kootenai river, past Deep Creek t...

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Dukes Claybusters have good practice

The drawing for the raffle winner of the New Weatherby 257mag. rifle was done at the gun club on Oct. 4 at noon, it was won by Cindy Keibert of Hope. Congratulations. Thank you all for your support of the high sc...

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Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative hosts meeting Oct. 19

Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative will conduct a meeting via zoom, registration is required to attend.

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Pikas: “Little Chief Hare” of the mountains

On top of a ridge in Canuck Basin, (northeast Boundary County) I noticed a quick movement among the rocks. Then, I heard a squeak.