Sunday, February 28, 2021


What's there to do in the great outdoors? Here we've got a bevy of local outdoor activities and destinations to explore.

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GROW! sets annual meeting, Little Free Gardens

GROW! Community Garden is holding their annual meeting on March 2, 7 p.m, where they will discuss a myriad of to...

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Clouds indicate daily weather forecast

Almost everyone watches clouds, among the most fascinating and easily observed of all weather phenomena.

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GROW! Annual Meeting and Little Free Gardens

GROW! Community Garden is holding their annual meeting on March 2, 7 p.m, where they will discuss a myriad of topics like membership and volunteer options, p...

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BCSO conduct avalanche, snowmobile training

Over the weekend members of the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office conducted backcountry patrols on snowmobiles, snowcats and met with members of a snowmobile ...

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Online LEAP Update being offered

LEAP Update is an annual opportunity for LEAP graduates to build on that professional development in forestry.

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Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative meeting notice

Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative meeting notice

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Great blue heron: A fisherman with a stiletto beak

The great blue heron is known as one of the most common herons, often barking like a dog when startled.

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Fish & Game funding walleye study

The Idaho Department of Fish & Game is funding a University of Idaho study on walleye

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Loggerhead shrike, the songbird with a hooked bill

The Loggerhead Shrike is a songbird, a very efficient predator and slightly smaller than a robin.

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Rep. Simpson proposes dramatic environmental proposal

House Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) released a major environmental plan to restore Idaho Salmon and Steelhead populations. The plan aims to address some of the...

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Schweitzer Prime Timers endure despite pandemic

The pandemic may have put a damper on some of Schweitzer Prime Timers social activities, but the group of skiers 50 years old and up is pressing on.

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Christmas Bird Count

Birds of a feather flock together.

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Is that American red squirrel or fox squirrel?

Advice from a squirrel: Plan ahead, stay active, spend time in the woods, go out on a limb and its ok to be a little nuts!!

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Antlerless moose tags to decline; sheep and goat tags to see minor changes

Fish and Game Commission on Jan. 28 set moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat seasons for 2021-22 during its meeting in Nampa.

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BCSO to host free boat safety course

The Boundary County Sheriff’s Office will host a free boat safety course presented by The Idaho Parks and Recreation on Feb. 6, 13 and 20.