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Election year, inspiring women and the 19th Amendment

Election years tend to be packed with candidates, platforms, and plenty of colorful stories that can be educatio...

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Bright fall colors invite you to capture the majesty

I notice the changing color of the leaves and the swift passage of these autumn days. While driving last week-end along the Kootenai river, past Deep Creek t...

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From the Archives - Oct. 22, 2020

The Kodak No. 3A Autographic, manufactured from 1914-1937 by Eastman Kodak Company, is one of Kodak’s early folding cameras

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This Week In History - Oct. 22, 2020

News and stories from the Boundary County Museum.

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Why did the chicken cross the road and other fall photos

During a recent "adventure drive," Robert Kalberg captured this photos of the community's stunning autumn beauty.

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Bonner County Calendar - Oct. 22, 2020

Boundary County events, activities and meetings for the coming week.

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Litehouse sets Oct. 31 food drive

Litehouse employees will be collecting food donations for the Community Action Partnership Bonners Ferry at Super 1 Foods on Saturday, Oct. 31.

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This Week In History - Oct. 15, 2020

The Boundary County Museum shares stories from years gone by.

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From the Archives - Oct. 15, 2020

Stories of the events, places and people of Boundary County, shared by the Boundary County History Museum.

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Tuesdays Trouble bowling league has finished five weeks

Tuesdays Trouble bowling league has finished five weeks of bowling.

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Valley View students honored for respectful behavior

September was the month of Respect for Valley View Elementary and staff recently honored many students for demonstrating respectful behavior.

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More than just another autumnal article

Oh, how trite. She’s going to write about Fall again, eh? Yes. Move on to the next article if you don’t want to hear about the glories of fall, or read it an...

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Boundary County Calendar - Oct. 15-21, 2020

The events and activities coming up this week in Boundary County.

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Fantastic fall

Robert Kalberg capture the beauty of the season.

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From the Archives - Oct. 8, 2020

With the sunny days in the forecast, this may be your last chance to go camping!