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Advancing Idaho's nuclear energy

Idaho is home to the world-leading Idaho National Laboratory (INL), a facility responsible for promoting internati…

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Nation has forgotten its biblical roots

Thank you for the front page photo and story about our community coming together to celebrate families and our faith. It was the kind of event that draws people to our area — families, faith and celebrating tog…

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We are a nation of many faiths, ideas

Reply to the “open letter on marriage and sexuality:”

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Reaching out to Idaho farmers, ranchers in crisis

Farming and ranching are inherently risky, and the risk can fuel stress. Farmland and modern farming equipment are incredibly expensive. Demands on the land…

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It's time to end the Direct File program

In May, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) made the mistake of converting the Direct File pilot program into a permanen…

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We must protect Idaho's water sovereignty

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked an agreement between water users in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado in a ruling that allows the federal government to …

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Ensuring access to quality health care for rural Idahoans

More than a quarter of Idahoans and over 46 million Americans nationwide live in our vibrant rural communities. However, living in such remote areas has made …

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Where to Write - June 27, 2024

Contact information for state and federal officials.

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D-Day anniversary: Marking the price of freedom

On the western side of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., stands a blue wall, called the Freedom Wall.

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An open letter on marriage and sexuality

God immutably creates each person as male or female. These two distinct, complementary sexes together reflect the image of God. Rejecting one’s biological sex repudiates the Creator’s sovereignty. (Genesis 1:26-27.)

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An open letter to the Pearl Theater

I write[1] asking you to cancel the ‘Gay Pride’ event at the Pearl Theater. The Pearl’s objective as a nonprofit “is to foster and develop the artistic talents and skills of community members of all ages, to serve…

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The tangled web that is woven

In his June 5, 2024, op-ed, former Attorney General and State Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones opines on the alleged failure of Attorney General Raul Labrador in adhering to the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct f…

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Life is not black or white, it is a rainbow

Currently, many states have laws that protect LGBTQ, but many including Idaho, do not. Since 2010, “Add the Words” advocates in Idaho have been unsuccessful to add the four words “sexual orientation” and “gender id…

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Coach Alan teaches positivity, real-life lessons

I'd like to report an incident I witnessed after the recent Little League baseball team. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop; I was just sitting there minding my own business when I overheard two of the players on the …

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IRS must act quickly to help resolve identity theft cases

The Internal Revenue Service has been flush with funds since the Biden Administration enacted an incredible $80 billion in addition to the agency’s $12.3 billi…