Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee and talk things over

| August 27, 2020 1:00 AM

Years ago, as a young man, I joined in family discussions with my parents, aunts and uncles, and my grandparents, often on Sunday after church. These coffee clutches were spiced with many different points of view, and argued back and forth. Opinions, topics or ideas, local politics to national problems, to world events, were discussed. These imbued memories have followed me throughout my adult life.

Today, I see a dark cloud of cynicism, discontent and disbelief hovering over our great land.

We have a president in the White House who has alienated people, our very friends and neighbors; a president who has been on a spree of high crimes and misdemeanors, using the power of the presidency for his own personal gain at the expense of the American people.

Donald Trump’s lifelong instincts and habits have been an ongoing cycle of abuse, betrayal, corruption and relentless obstruction of the truth. Trump has mercilessly done damage to our country, the Republican Party, and to the conservative movement, which has abandoned its principles for the worst president in American history.

Donald Trump has been unable to channel the wonder and power of this nation in a time of crisis. He displays an utter inability to face the consequences of his own actions.

Many mental health professionals have been in the forefront of warning our society of the profound dangers of such an impaired individual in power, and warned of the inevitable rise of violence, fear, suffering and anxiety. Trump has proven them right.

America is on a dangerous course on stormy waters. America has a lot of soul searching and self-correction to undertake.

Perhaps all of us can find time after church to sit down together with a cup of coffee and talk things over.


Bonners Ferry