The Tuesdays Troubles have finished nineteen weeks of bowling

by Dolores Sweet
| March 12, 2020 1:00 AM

Alice VanGundy got high scratch game 168 and high scratch series 457. Donna Kent got second high scratch game 167, second high scratch series 435, and second high handicap agame 233. Kathy Konek got third high scratch game 157, third high scratch series 429, high handicap game 235, and high handicap series 663. DaVonna Cada got third high handicap game 231 and second high handicap series 650. Zetta Graupner got third high handicap series 636.

The Stormys (Donna Kent, Alice VanGundy, Donna Nystrom) got high scratch game 460, high scratch series 1287, high handicap game 656, and second high handicap series 1875. The Breezys (DaVonna Cada, Nancy Clatworthy, Jeanne Osborn) got second high scratch game 428, second high scratch series 1210, second high handicap game 642, and third high handicap series 1852. The Tsunamis (Lil Jimenez, Lila Finley, Helen Heritage) got third high scratch game 390. The Blizzards (Nina Saunders, Regina Colby, Kathy Konek) got third high scratch series 1119, third high handicap game 636, and high handicap series 1881.

Doubles were bowled by Jeanne Osborn, DaVonna Cada, Lila Finley, Michelle Sweet, Lil Jjimenez, Nina Saunders, and Donna Kent.

Splits were converted by Jeanne Osborn 4-5-7, Donna Nystrom 3-10, Alice VanGundy 2-7 and Donna Kent 4-5.