Proposed fee increases are coming at the right time

| May 28, 2020 1:00 AM

I support the proposed fee increases for Boundary County 110%. It is not so much “long overdue” as it is the right time. Every county employee and department has diligently made every penny count, every part, every vehicle, every computer, etc., function until it turned into dust.

The mandates put forth by the state do not take into account the size, demographics, population etc. It is one size fits all … like the lockdown.

An example:

“The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff is mandated by Idaho Code to map over 1,245 different taxing districts comprised of more than 3,288 tax code areas (TCA), to ensure that all areas are in compliance with Idaho Statutes and the Tax Commission’s Administrative Rules, and that property taxes are administered fairly and equitably.” Boundary County GIS/MAPPER “staff” is one (1).

Did you know our P&Z board are volunteers? Our P&Z “staff” is one person.

Every parcel that is developed or changed in any way creates a domino effect of mandates by agencies ad infinitum. Why should local residents pay the costs created by a million dollar, 3,500-square-foott house, 40 minutes from town, on the side of a hill near a creek? User fees recover a fraction of those costs. Local matters.


Moyie Springs