In-depth reporting needing in shooting case

| October 1, 2020 1:00 AM

The Bonners Ferry assassination of chiropractor Dr. Drake is missing pertinent information.

Why did the coroner Mick Mellett discover the alleged assassin's (Dr. Moore) body in a suicide attempt with natural gas? How and why was the coroner at Dr. Moore's office? Who were the two witnesses when this was not mentioned in prior articles. Why was the supposed fact that a Middle Eastern man was seen running away never mentioned in any report out of Bonners Ferry? Who was the wrongly accused who was jailed and then later released? Why has it not been mentioned in four weeks that Dr. Moore confessed and showed the location of the murder weapon in the river?

I am a chiropractor and the assassination of a colleague really concerns me. There will be 50,000 chiropractors watching this case unfold so I would appreciate some more in-depth reporting, please.


San Juan, Puerto Rico