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Man's actions show Christmas spirit alive and well

| December 23, 2021 1:00 AM

I wanted to share something very heartwarming that happened to me this past Friday, Dec. 17, while shopping at the Ponderay Walmart.

While I was there picking out some wrapping paper and stocking stuffers with my 8-month-old, I heard someone say, "Excuse me, miss." Not knowing if they were talking to me, I turned to see an older gentleman standing there. He said "You dropped this. You better be more careful next time" as he put five $20 bills into my hand and then turned and walked away. Once I realized what happened my eyes welled with tears. I couldn't believe it. Mind you I didn't drop anything.

I wanted to share this in hopes that you might publish the story. Not only because it was such a genuinely kind and generous act but also because I never got the chance to tell him thank you. My hope is this will find him and he'll know how much it was appreciated. I'm so grateful and will certainly do my part in paying it forward this Christmas season to bring a smile to someone else's face just as he did for me.


Bonners Ferry

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