Monday, March 08, 2021

COVID cash is really enslavement dollars

| February 11, 2021 1:00 AM

How ironic and shameful that the majority of those most enthusiastic about the governor of Idaho's business-killing, illegal COVID-19 restrictions are predominantly retirees, government employees and "essential" workers whose monthly income is secure and predictable, contrary to that of the many citizens being pummeled by the executive branch's ever-changing, arbitrary closure and restriction policies.

The number of small business owners, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs and little guys trying to make a living while suffering under these policies are many and may never be fully known. These members of the working class don't go to the mailbox for a secure monthly check. They are living the short-term and long-term real consequences of cruel, arbitrary and nonsense policies of an out-of-touch governor, that operates outside our state constitution.

I hope that even Brad Little supporters will eventually have enough of inhaling their own CO2 through bacteria and virus-laden masks, long enough to see that the governor's "vision" extends only as far as COVID cash from the feds, which comes with strings. It's not free … it's enslavement dollars.

Count me among the many voters who can't wait to see him go in 2022.


Bonners Ferry