Monday, March 08, 2021

Rights shouldn't be confused with not getting your way

| February 11, 2021 1:00 AM

Idaho Representative Chad Christensen wants to impeach Governor Little. Let’s call this what it really is … a coup.

Christensen likes to blather about the Constitution but his arguments fall far short of any coherent legal case. That’s because he has no case. He is one of a growing number of legislators who conflate constitutional rights with getting things their way. That is a glaring characteristic of a totalitarian government.

Last summer, a group of “not real conservatives” tried to recall the governor. That effort failed because the group did not gather enough petitions. Apparently, Idaho voters did not feel it necessary to remove the governor from office.

But let's not allow that to stop the “not real conservatives.” Let's do an end-run around the voters. The “rights are for me, but not for thee” gang is hellbent on replacing Governor Little with Lieutenant Governor McGeachin.

That’s what this is about.


Bonners Ferry