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If this was about book bans, wouldn’t the Boundary County Library need to have the books?

by KIMBER GLIDDEN/Contributing Writer
| August 18, 2022 1:00 AM

This cannot be stressed strongly enough … there are no sexually explicit materials in the children’s area of the library. There is no pornography in the library. The library does not carry a single title being circulated to generate fear and hate. This narrative has been crafted and executed to incite a group of people to act against their own experience and judgment, or worse to act within narrow self-interest.

So, if the library doesn’t have the materials in question, what is the motivation in pursuing an action that will only succeed in creating division and eroding our community? This is about control of what information our community is allowed access to.

A moral panic is defined as “a public mass movement, based on false or exaggerated perceptions or information that exceeds the actual threat society is facing.” By succumbing to the widespread fear and an irrational threat to our values, interests and safety, this type of rhetoric can become dangerously derisive with negative societal outcomes.

What we lose when a library closes:

• a safe place for all

• a refuge for the underprivileged and the underserved

• a cooling center when it is hot

• a shelter when it storms

• storytimes and crafts

• local author readings

• art programs

• science programs

• FAB Lab & STEM opportunities

• tech services

• free entertainment

• educational resources

• community outreach programs

• help navigating tricky ArriveCAN passage

This fall, the Boundary County Library has been chosen to host “Let’s Talk About It.” A book club, which over the course of the winter, will explore living in the modern rural West.

The library has been chosen to receive a Storywalk to install in our community to support children’s literacy.

The library works with educators through literacy initiatives such as Summer Reading and Battle of the Books.

The library supports local authors and artists by hosting author receptions and public viewing of works.

Now more than ever it is imperative that we guarantee the freedom to read, the freedom of expression, the freedom of information, and the right to a fair and balanced education. The library will stand to protect the rights of all people.

It is time to take a stand against false narratives. Thank you and spread the word.