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City announces sewer main reroute project

Staff Writer | January 6, 2022 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY — The city is moving to reroute a sewer main rather than replacing the line that crosses the highway at Fry Street.

Mike Klaus, city engineer, said that replacing the damaged pipe under the highway would be very costly. He opted instead to reroute the main to Augusta Street. There are currently only four customers on the line, but Klaus said there may be more connections in the future.

The existing main that serves Fry Street is damaged in a location under the highway at Fry Street and has an inadequate slope, Klaus said. The option of replacing the main in the highway is quite expensive, so staff has looked at other options.

The city council approved the easement purchase and the cost of the construction materials in the amount of $14,000.

An initial survey by staff showed that the main of Fry Street could be re-routed to Augusta Street by crossing the Boundary Tractor Property. The owner requested $5,000 for an easement path that includes the right to install and maintain a new sewer main on the northern 15 feet of the parcel. Parts required for the project include two manholes and approximately 340 feet of 8-inch sewer pipe with a total estimated cost of $14,000.

City council also approved the contract for HMH for $7,000 to assist with the construction. This was largely due to HMH having existing data and mapping of the area since they are heading the highway construction project.

This is a leveraging opportunity for the city to complete a more efficient and cost effective project for consumers, said Lisa Aliport, city administrator.

Klaus said that since the project will be completed by city staff that it will be cost effective.

He projected that the project will begin in March once the ground warms and will be completed before the highway construction picks back up.

The highway construction will move on to Alderson and Eisenhower streets in the next construction season.

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