Saturday, May 28, 2022

Folks, I have some questions

| May 12, 2022 1:00 AM

Would you vote for someone who voted for transgender sports?

Would you vote for someone who voted against the grocery tax repeal?

Would you vote for someone who voted for critical race theory for preschoolers?

Would you vote for someone who opposes parental rights bills?

I voted for Jim Woodward, the first time he was running for office.

I appreciate his time spent in service to our country; not so sure about the flyer that says he is a homegrown hero.

One of his flyers said he was a lifelong Idaho Republican; I heard differently.

Someone had said he may have been registered as a Democrat at one time. Don't quote me on that. But you do vote along with Democrats on issues a lot, so just saying.

Jim is a nice guy, but the way he votes on important issues in Boise, does not represent me, my family and friends here in North Idaho at all.

I just wanted to throw out some questions that folks need to think about before they go to the polls on May 17.


Bonners Ferry