Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Humphreys will make positive change for Idahoans

| May 12, 2022 1:00 AM

I would like to introduce someone who would make positive changes for all Idaho people. The only candidate I have ever endorsed is Donald Trump.

At the behest of my wife I went to a meeting in Bonners Ferry. I listened to Ed Humphreys. I immediately  knew I want to help this man become governor of the state of Idaho. His campaign is not one of intimidation, but one of issues. He is not a career politician but a financial advisor. He believes that the people of Idaho should not pay personal income tax. He wants to cap all real property taxes so they do not get raised again until the property is sold. He follows the model of Ron DeSantis in providing for the people. He recognizes that 75% of the land in Boundary Country is owned by the federal government. That the roads are being used without payment by the federal government and they need to pay for it. To see what more of what he is for go to and check him out. He is trying to put together state government that will help people and not put them in a bad situation.

It will only take 100,000 votes for him to beat the other candidates in the primary. This grassroots candidate is the one we need for Idaho. Please get out and vote.


Bonners Ferry

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