Saturday, May 28, 2022

Local folks need to show up at the polls and vote

| May 12, 2022 1:00 AM

The new folks here seem to assume that Idaho Republicans are a far-right, ultra-conservative group. We are not like the Rust Belt states, nor the confederacy. Our history is rooted in demographics which are often at odds, politically. Specifically, union miners and ranchers have very little in common.

Over the years, our GOP has threaded the needle by governing as moderates from the centrist viewpoint. This formula works for us and creates no need for bipolar Democratic and Republican parties. This explains our Republican grip on the electorate for many years.

Frankly, Idaho Democrats could hold their convention in a phone booth. I do not say that disparagingly; it is just a matter of fact. If they could frame themselves as more centrist, victories might come their way.

To the newbies, I say stay out of our politics until you learn what being a real Idahoan is all about. Once you do, you'll be treated with open arms. If not, you'll be viewed as the plague.

To the locals, I say you had better show up at the polls on May 17 and vote like your life depended on it. Even if you've never voted, hate politics and politicians … vote. Vote for the folks with deep, generational roots here.

Like never before, our ballots are filled with candidates having minimal residency and extremist views which run contrary to Idaho values. Locals … get out there and vote.


Bonners Ferry