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Todd Engel

| May 12, 2022 1:00 AM

• Profession: Carpenter

• How many years as a Bonner County resident: Off and on for 30 years

• Marital status: Single

• Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, hiking, shooting

• Website: engelforidaho,com

  1. Grocery tax repeal, gas tax reduction, property tax revision.
  2. Inflation - It’s an overwhelming burden to Idahoans.

Property Taxes - They are overpowering those on a fixed income, one never owns their home if they are forced to pay taxes on it.

Federal lands - We have no access to utilizing our timber and minerals without federal permission.

  1. Repeal the grocery tax.

Reduce gas tax.

Repeal property taxes and transition to a consumption tax.

Work through the Legislature, Attorney General and the governor to reclaim Idaho lands from the federal government.

  1. More fees and government control of the private sector is not the answer but with the out-of-control growth in our area this has potential to be part of the solution.
  2. Our governor is an embarrassment and has been a total failure through COVID.

The Idaho Legislature is inept, the last session delivered nothing to the people of Idaho.

  1. Property taxes that are causing extreme hardship on the elderly. I would like to see Idaho go to a consumption tax.
  2. Our lands that are in federal control. It’s important that we can finance our budget and schools by using our own resources rather than taking federal funds to the tune of 45% of our overall budget.
  3. What’s the harshest criticism you expect to face on the campaign trail and how would you respond to such criticism? N/A
  4. What question should every candidate be asked? What is your answer?

Will you truly work in the best interest of District 1 residents(yes) or will you allow yourself to be purchased by the establishment of Boise (absolutely not)?

  1. I will never stop fighting for our Bill of Rights and Constitutions. I will never compromise my values, principals or commitment to our individual liberties. Freedom isn’t free and I will fight, quite literally, for our way of life in North Idaho.