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Tax cut suggestion is mere sloganeering

| October 13, 2022 1:00 AM

The letters by Fay Almond and Ingrid Glenn (Bonners Ferry Herald, Oct. 6) would have readers believe the county commissioners are in love with raising taxes and that candidate Fioravanti has the magic recipe for cutting taxes.

What the letters leave out are the facts.

2020 property taxes were reduced due to the CARES Act credit. This tax happy commission actually lowered your taxes when given an opportunity. Thus, when one year's tax bill is lower, the next year's tax bill is going to be larger.

To suggest that Mr. Fioravanti will cut taxes sounds great, but that is just sloganeering.

When there is a chorus of voices saying that taxes, the refrain must be "what services should we cut to balance the budget?"

A major portion of our county's expenses are for road care and law enforcement. Does Mr. Fioravanti and his supporters suggest we not plow the roads and defund the police?

Do we shut down the Restorium and send our elderly off to make do?

Do we shutter the fairgrounds and turn our parks over to the weeds?

Tell us Mr. Fioravanti, what do we cut?


Bonners Ferry