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We need Fioravanti as our constitutional watchman

| October 13, 2022 1:00 AM

We are putting our county in jeopardy. Sorry, but just because your family roots have been here forever does not automatically make you a leader.

County-elected officials should run on more than a generational platform as it does not equate to any special insightful powers. How well does anyone understand the world today if they only communicate with others in their small circle? I label that myopic perception and see it as their shortcomings.

Any deal you make with the devil has consequences, and our commissioners made a deal with the federal government. More than 500 pages of “deal” that obligate us to toe the line. I promise you that the ARPA contract, signed by Glenda Poston and the commissioners, was put together by Washington, D.C., lawyers of which the fifth-generation BF boys have no equal. We did not vote as a community on the deal.

Really, would you sign a nebulous agreement to get millions of dollars in a contract with the federal government? What happens if you don’t follow the agreement? Or, if you ignore one of their executive orders? When they demand their money back, is it OK if they just come and take your “generational" properties if the county can’t pay them back? All the lawyers in the county cannot save us.

We need to elect someone who has seen what the feds have done to other cities and counties. Open your eyes before Boundary County is under federal control.

Steve, be our constitutional watchman, please.


Bonners Ferry

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