Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Vote for Johnson and against extremism

| September 8, 2022 1:00 AM

Do you want more extremists in Idaho government? That’s what we’ll get unless enough moderate voters pay attention to the November election, and vote Steve Johnson, not Scott Herndon, for Idaho Senator.

There is no word other than “extreme” to describe Herndon’s positions. One example: He wants to reject federal funding — all federal funding. Does Herndon understand that federal dollars play a crucial, and appropriate, role in supporting many vital services? Does he understand the impact of even moderate budget cuts on public education, disaster preparedness, medical care and veterans services?

Steve Johnson is running against Herndon for Idaho Senate District 1. Steve Johnson wants to work to lower property taxes, support quality education and preserve our rural lifestyle. He will not spend his time grandstanding on extreme policies that won’t work and won’t help us. Steve Johnson knows Bonner County — he has lived here since 1957, he was a teacher/principle for 42 years, he’s a business owner. I’ve worked with him and respect him for his genuine concern for others and willingness to work hard.

I don’t believe that the majority of voters here want a legislator who supports extreme positions. I hope people will be motivated to vote in November to prevent that from happening. Please go to Steve’s website, stevejohnsonforidaho.com. Make sure you are registered to vote (VoteIdaho.gov). Then you can write in Steve Johnson’s name below Scott Herndon on your ballot.



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