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If you don't like the library, start your own

| September 22, 2022 1:00 AM

I suggest the people who have moved into Boundary County the last few years and dislike the public library's material, personal, and board policies start their own private library. You can have only the books and materials you want the members of your community to read and use.

You can supply history books that start at Genesis with God creating the world. Science books based on Bible information can be included with math lessons that revolve around scripture. You can provide books of fiction for children, teens and adults that have age appropriate lessons from the Holy Bible or are grounded in moral principles you can support. Thoughtful books can be introduced for study and discussion on lessons from the Old Testament, the Gospels, letters of Paul and Revelations. Home schooling parents will be glad to have access to many Bible based curriculums they can review, discuss and share with other families.

Your private library can feature books and manuals on how to provide for your families during the time when you believe there will be no stores providing food, household products, vegetable seeds, garden supplies and animal feed. To help your community adapt to these conditions, you can supply information on how to grow, harvest and store fruit, vegetables and grain. You can provide important information about how to raise, feed, and process animals kept to produce eggs, dairy products and meat to eat all year. Manuals on using and maintaining hand tools will be helpful when there is no fuel or spare parts for generators, pumps, power tools, vehicles and equipment.

Medical manuals will be useful to treat bad cuts and broken bones. You can offer books with lessons for hands on healing prayers provided by the Bible and information about growing and using God-given herbs to treat life threatening illness in children and adults when there are no medical supplies or health care providers available anywhere.

Library leaders can review the audio and visual materials available on all these subjects. They can decide which are useful and appropriate for the individuals and families who trust your library to provide information for their use that is true because your library is based on teachings from the Holy Bible.

A private library will have the freedom to include all the Christian material its founders consider important for its community if you accept only money from individuals, groups and organizations that support your Christian beliefs. You can become an example of a successful private library based on the Bible and Christian beliefs that other communities can use to provide their own private Bible-based libraries.

I hope the people, who have made their dissatisfaction with the public library so obvious and intrusive, will channel their energy into organizing a private library for the people who have recently moved into our county and want a Bible-based library.

Those of us who have lived in Boundary County for decades and generations and who are satisfied with our public library's staff, contents, programs, services, and policies will be relieved and thankful when we are sure our excellent library will remain open so we will continue to have access to all the books and materials carefully reviewed and selected by the dedicated and conscientious personnel at Boundary County Public Library.

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Billie Jo Klaniecki is a Boundary County resident.

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