Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Voters' work doesn't end on Election Day

| February 2, 2023 1:00 AM

I'm hoping I'm wrong, but some elected people only represent one side of the coin. And possibly don't want to consider it — those who might have a different side of the coin.

I do not believe that none of us is a bonafide type. Depending on what the issue is, we fall all over the political spectrum.

Now the election is well over, and those we voted for or might not. Those we elected are meeting at our local level, the state capital and or the federal capital. They need and should hear from us. So I'm asking all politely to get hold of your elected officials, regardless of whether you voted for them.

Let them know what is going on in our lives, dreams, hopes, concerns and ideals. It doesn't matter whether our political, faith and/or ideology lines up with those we send off to represent us.

It is also essential to keep in touch with our elected officials through out the year. We can communicate with our elected officials by email, letter and phone. I'm sure there are other means as well.

But we won't have a primary and/or general election until 2024. When a candidate is elected, they represent many and various constituents. So I encourage one to keep themselves informed on what is going on — by using more than one source.

Yes, I'm planning to email my elective officials. As constituents, it doesn't end on Election Day.



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