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Tuesday’s Trouble Completes Week 18

| January 24, 2023 1:00 AM

Alice Van Gundy got high scratch game 178, third high scratch series 444 and tied for second high handicap game.

Regina Colby got second high scratch game 177, high handicap game 246 and second high handicap game 645.

Elaine Wheeler got third high scratch game 161, second high scratch series 448 and third high handicap series 634.

Shiela Benson got high scratch series 464 and high handicap series 659.

Zetta Graupner tied for second high handicap game 238.

The Topaz (Alice Van Grundy, Michelle Sweet, Elaine Wheeler) got high scratch game 443, high scratch series 1248, third high handicap series 1827.

The Diamonds (Donna Lunsford, Shiela Benson, Gail Thompson) second high scratch game 407, second high scratch series 1151, second high handicap game 644 and second high handicap series 1862.

The Amethyst (Bonnie Grove, Regina Colby, Dolores Sweet) got third high scratch game 377, high handicap game 660 and high handicap series 1873.

The Saphires (Zetta Graupner, Donna Nystrom, Kathy Konek) got third high scratch series 1060.

Alice Van Gundy got a 4 bagger.

Shiela Benson got a turkey and a double.

Regina Colby, Kathy Konek, Zetta Graupner, Michelle Sweet got doubles.

Splits were converted by Bonnie Grove 3-10 and Evelyn Smith the 3-9-10