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Don’t be fooled by unfounded claims

| January 26, 2023 1:00 AM

In response to the story titled, “City considering LOT to fund the general budget,” I would like to ask that citizens of Boundary County use common sense when this comes up for vote.

The opinions cited in the article from a couple of citizens convey the opinion that the city needs to live within its budget and that people would drive out of town to do business, in order to escape a 1% tax, that's a penny for every dollar — totally ludicrous.

This city has never overspent, if anything they have needed funds to do more. The fact that utilities paid for some of the budgets was not wrong in my opinion, it was a fair way to fund it by everyone using the services.

The statement by one person who says the city needs to live within its budget is a member of the groups that are for recalling the library board and not wanting to use our taxes to build a new school.

Don't get fooled by preposterous notions by the likes of people who want to change our fine community with unfounded knowledge of how this city and county work. Our county and city are underfunded due to the population increase, and those that have moved in need to fund the increases in needed services, which by the way, are the very ones calling for tax and service cuts.


Bonners Ferry