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BCRCC proud of Herndon, his hard work

| June 8, 2023 1:00 AM

Re: ‘BCRCC should be censored, not Rep. Sauter’

Mr. McDermott’s recent letter to the editor is filled with loaded language (“dirty tricks,” “sick,” “corrupt,” “cesspool,” “toxic leadership” and “closet full of skeletons”). In my experience, when writers use such language to attack via an appeal to readers’ emotions, it is because they cannot make their case with reason and rational argument. I think his emotional screed is personal, not political. His characterizations are false. I’m writing to set the record straight.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “in matters of principle stand like a rock.” I believe Senator Herndon is steadfast in service and leadership.

There were no dirty tricks. Herndon was not responsible for the thoroughly deliberated and unanimous decision of the committee that Mark Sauter (like Jim Woodward) was not true to the principles defined in the Republican platform in his role as our State Representative. He votes more in alignment with the Democrats on issues that threaten our community. We provided this voting record in our press release. It is why we voted "no confidence."

The BCRCC is aligned around the Constitution, Republican core principles, and the party platform. Our meetings are open to the public. We seek transparency and to set a good example to our community.

The BCRCC is composed of decent hardworking taxpaying Idahoans who seek no prestige or thanks for paying attention to the political system and trying to do what’s right for our neighbors. We seek to maintain the constitutional guardrails of our republic here in our county and state. We seek opportunity and decency in our society. We look with dismay at neighboring states run by Democrats and "Republican" enablers seeing obscenity introduced to children in public libraries, sexualization and grooming of kids in classrooms, growing lawlessness, poverty, drug abuse, racism and hate used to divide communities, and yes, abortion used as birth control as if innocent human life is meaningless [AF1]. Their problems multiply with each blow they strike against the U.S. Constitution, against families, and against people of faith. We feel a moral obligation to push back rather than let the same forces that have ruined their cities and states sink deeper roots into our county and state. Readers are invited to join with us in our work to leave something good, healthy and prosperous to future generations.

The BCRCC is proud of Scott Herndon and the excellent work that he’s done in our legislature on behalf of his constituents. Tony McDermott’s personal attack speaks more to the character of the attacker than it does to the character of Mr. Herndon.