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Sign theft costs county time and money

Staff Writer | March 23, 2023 1:00 AM

BOUNDARY COUNTY — Road signs have been stolen across the county, resulting in added expense and safety issues, Boundary County officials said.

Boundary County Sheriff Dave Kramer told the Herald that solar powered stop signs have been stolen from the Blume Hill area.

“Anytime traffic control like stop signs are damaged or stolen it creates a hazard, especially if someone is unfamiliar with the road and not aware that they need to stop,” he said. “In addition there have been a few street signs that have been run over in the county. The sheriff’s office has identified a potential suspect and has an active investigation on knocking over road signs.”

Road and Bridge Department officials brought the issue before the commissioners in early March, stating that when signs are stolen or damaged, it costs the department and ultimately the county, time and money. Repairs due to theft causes Road and Bridge to spend less time repairing and maintaining county roads, the officials said.

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