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Wilson, Clark are not 'book banners'

| May 4, 2023 1:00 AM

A bit about the library board election.

Mary-Esther Wilson in District 5 and Lewis Clark in District 3 are running for Library Board seats. They are not "book banners."

Neither Mary-Ester nor Lewis has suggested banning a book or promoting their own moral standards. But some books contain descriptions and graphic illustrations that depict sex acts between adults and children. The standard Mary-Esther and Lewis purpose is based on current law. If you or I were to show these images to a child we would be subject to arrest for a number of felonies and required to register as sexual offenders. And rightly so. It’s not about banning these books, but rather keeping them in a location where a child roaming the isles won’t stumble upon them.

Some folks point out that these books are not currently in our library. But it at some point may be. And if they are adults, should be free to access them. But they ought not to be accessible by children. The incumbents refuse to commit that they wouldn't be easily accessible by children. And that's why we need a change in these positions. Kids ought to be free to safely explore the library for hours at a time.

The election is Tuesday, May 16. The key is a good turnout. Even if you rarely vote in these small elections, please consider the importance of this particular election. If you live in District 5 or District 3 of Boundary County, please vote for Mary-Esther Wilson or Lewis Clark.


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