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Bohachek, Colson have library’s best interests at heart

| May 11, 2023 1:00 AM

Do you ever stop and think just how lucky we are to have had all the new people move into Boundary County to save us from ourselves?

Previously we had to run our local governments, schools, fire departments and libraries by ourselves via generations of locals or people who moved here over the years and "fit in."

Now we have a bunch of new arrivals with BIG, disruptive ideas to shake things up and show us how things should be run.

Well, most of us think we did just fine before the "anti" malcontents moved in and threatened to drown out the fair, common sense, compassionate way things have been run here for decades.

Remember the separation of church and state from Civic's class? Upsetting to see election signs by churches or hear politics spewed from the pulpit.

The locals finally had a belly-full of newcomers "save us from ourselves" pushiness and pablum, and recoiled in a very visible, vocal effort to successfully re-elect sensible, straight-forward, Tim Bertling, to county commissioner.

Let's go for a repeat and re-elect Aaron Bohachek and Lee Colson to the library board. These gentlemen are solid, sensible community members who have the library's best interests at heart. We can all admire their exceptional track record of good governance of our beloved, little, community library.

I, for one, look forward to seeing the signs for Wilson and Clark removed from the roadside in front of the church along Idaho Highway 1 after the election on May 16.


Bonners Ferry