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Tuesday's Trouble: Wheeler wins high scratch game, series in Week 7

by DOLOROS SWEET--Contributing Writer
| November 2, 2023 1:00 AM

Elaine Wheeler got high scratch game 174 and high scratch series 430 for Week 7 of Tuesday's Trouble bowling league.  

Donna Kent got second high scratch game 157 and second high scratch series 422. Regina Colby got third high scratch game 146, third high scratch series 408 and second high handicap series 627. 

Bonnie Grove got high handicap game 239 and high handicap series 632. Donna Lunsford got second-high handicap game 223. Fran Musak got third high handicap game 222. Carolyn McNeill got third high handicap series 607. 

Friends (Elaine Wheeler, Donna Nystrom, Kathy Konek) got high scratch game 397, high scratch series 1155, third high handicap game 610 and third high handicap series 1794.  

Gunsmoke (Alice VanGundy, Donna Lunsford, Jeanne Osborn) got second high scratch game 386 and third high scratch series 1079.  

Rawhide (Carolyn McNeill, Donna Kent, Dolores Sweet) got third high scratch game 385, second high scratch series 1095, high handicap game 638 and high handicap series 1854.  

Monk (Evelyn Smith, Bonnie Grove, Regina Colby) got second high handicap game 627 and second high handicap series 1851.

Doubles were bowled by Michelle Sweet, Elaine Wheeler and Donna Lunsford. 

Splits were converted by Carolyn McNeill and Donna Kent the 3-10, Carolyn the 5-10 and Regina Colby the 7-9-10.