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Herdon: Pointing out backers isn't bashing

| November 16, 2023 1:00 AM

A recent letter writer asked why the Bonner County Republican Central Committee sent an email “bashing” the local “Idaho Moms PAC."

The BCRCC merely sent an email explaining that the Idaho Moms political action committee was formed in Sandpoint in September 2022 and has spent $18,975 against local conservatives.

The PAC’s donors include Jared Deloof, who is the executive director of the Idaho Democrat state party.

Idaho Moms PAC first supported Steve Johnson in the November 2022 election. Steve Johnson had just run in the May 2022 primary election as a Democrat for state representative and is currently elected to the Bonner County Democratic Central Committee for the Southside precinct.

The chairwoman of Idaho Moms PAC is Leona Christensen. Prior to being chair of Idaho Moms PAC, Leona was the treasurer of the Bonner County Democratic party. She has donated $1,264 to the Bonner County Democrats according to Idaho’s campaign finance reports.

The treasurer of Idaho Moms PAC is Vicki Reich. Vicki is a member of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force which stood with Sandpoint’s mayor Rognstad and his Social Equity Initiative. On their website, the task force boasts that they opposed 28 conservative Republican legislators when those Republicans opposed taxpayer funding for LGBTQ diversity, equity and inclusion programs and staff at Idaho’s public universities.

Idaho Moms is a political action committee being run by Bonner County Democrats. I am not sure how pointing that out to Republicans qualifies as “bashing.”