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Art selected for Silver Box program

Hagadone News Network | September 14, 2023 1:05 AM

SANDPOINT — The Sandpoint city council approved three sculptures, one by a Bonners Ferry artist, to be featured downtown as part of the Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation Commission's “Silver Box Program” on Wednesday.

The Art on Loan Silver Box Program is a rotating art exhibit founded by the ACHP Commission. Chosen artwork is displayed in strategic downtown locations for about a year on special "boxes" installed in November 2018.

Heather Upton, Arts and Historic Preservation officer, presented each of the three sculptures to the council. The approved pieces include "At River’s Edge,” “The Spirit Tree," and "Natural Wavelength.”

“At River’s Edge,” by Bonners Ferry artist Anna Lee Harris, will be stationed at Oak Street and Fifth Avenue. The base features hand painted fish, upcycled metal, below three Idaho rocks, a slab of Washington basalt, and an otter carved out of European granite. A bird is positioned above the base.

“The Spirit Tree,” designed by Dave Gonzo, a Sandpoint artist, will be featured at Fourth Avenue and Oak Street. The tree represents the balance of masculine and feminine in melding copper and steel.

“The steel represents the strength and fortitude of the roots, trunk and branches,” Gonzo said in his statement. “While the copper foliage embodies the flexibility, protection and healing elements.”

“Natural Wavelength” was created by Ursula Roma, an artist from Cincinnati. This abstract piece made out of powder coated steel will be featured at Fourth Avenue and Church Street. “Natural Wavelength” is the only sculpture not for sale.

The city received 16 eligible submissions from across the country, with six meeting the criteria and three being recommended to the council. Each artist whose work is displayed will be given a $1,000 honorarium to cover travel and installation costs.

Each piece available for purchase is $8,000, with the city retaining a 10% commission from the sale.

“The Arts, Culture, and Historic Preservation Commission and I are excited to see the Silver Boxes filled with new art from such wonderful artists,” Upton said. “This program is a creative way that brings great vibrancy to downtown while broadening exposure for artists.”