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Froyo Mama offers fun, family-friendly treats

Staff Writer | February 8, 2024 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY — Froyo Mama may be a fun phrase to say, but owners of a new frozen yogurt spot promise an equally fun family-friendly place to go.

Froyo Mama, is a brand new frozen yogurt spot in downtown Bonners Ferry, in the corner drug store at Main and Kootenai streets. For their soft opening last Friday, a crowd of people lined the sidewalk in anticipation and for frozen yogurt.

“We were happily surprised and grateful for the community support and enjoying our treats,” said co-owner Missy McReyonlds. “The first hour and a half we were open there were no breaks in customers. It was a happy problem to have.”

Saturday, Feb. 3, was a little slower, however, when Froyo Mama had to close early due to running out of frozen yogurt. 

Missy and Cory McReynolds always dreamed of opening a business. Originally from Columbia Falls, Mont., they moved to Bonners Ferry in 2018, due to work. Their dream of opening a frozen yogurt shop followed them. 

During COVID-19, their dream was put on the back burner, but in August they acquired the space downtown in the old drug store and are now open for business. 

The unique name was first used by their son, Ryle, between him telling “your mamma” jokes, and it stuck. They hope the name is just another way the business can bring joy and fun to their customers and froyo enthusiasts. 

The McReynolds see Froyo Mama as an opportunity to fill a community need for dessert options and a fun place for families and teenagers to gather. From the bright colors on the wall to the spunky toppings, the McReynolds hope Froyo Mama can be a fun and happy gathering place. 

The frozen yogurt flavors will rotate. Currently with three machines, six flavors are available at all times, including “twists” which combine two flavors. 

Froyo Mama also tries to cater to food intolerances. They offer sorbet, which is dairy-free, and they have sugar-free options. Most of the froyo flavors are also gluten-free. Toppings include homemade granola, fruit, coconut, nuts and assorted candies. 

“We’re trying to be inclusive, but we only have three machines,” Missy said. 

They also offer shakes, which are made with the frozen yogurt. For a healthier alternative, acai bowls are also offered, which are filled with antioxidants and are served with fruit and other toppings. 

Froyo Mama is still seeing the community's needs and interests as they set hours. Winter hours are Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Froyo Mama is a family business run by Missy and Cory McReynolds and their kids Ryle and Bryn.

    Missy McReynolds works the front counter.

    Some of the available toppings Froyo Mama.

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