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Fed up? Engage because Idaho needs you

| January 18, 2024 1:00 AM

Two different notices got my attention on Jan. 12. One was a notice from Avista stating, “As a natural gas customer, we ask you to conserve gas for the next 24 hours. There is a mechanical issue with a natural gas provider for Avista, affecting our natural gas supply.” Customers were asked to lower thermostats and reduce the use of hot water.

The other was a list of bills to be taken up by the Idaho Legislature. Among these were bills to change the well-known and defined term of “fetus”, two library bills addressing a mostly nonexistent issue easily dealt with by local boards and parents, and a resolution to change Idaho’s Constitution so my tax dollars can go to religious schools.

There wasn’t anything on that bill list about issues that concern Idahoans such as infrastructure and our energy supply, or the fact that my grandchildren might develop life-long health issues by attending a deteriorating school. There was nothing about ensuring Idaho kids have the resources to be healthy and educated. Nothing!

I am fed up! #FedUpIdaho. That is me.

I have decided that I will watch every bill and every vote. I will support moderate Republican legislators who follow in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower. I will work my darndest to make certain they are elected in the May 21 primary.

Please join me and engage as Idaho needs you.


Bonners Ferry

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