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Local woman charged in threats case

Staff Writer | July 3, 2024 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY — A local woman is facing a felony charge for alleged threats toward the Bonners Ferry prosecuting attorney.

JaMisha Nevarez, 47, known locally as Misha Naumann-Davis, has been charged with two counts of resisting arrest and trespassing, both misdemeanors.

Nevares was at Boundary County Probation on June 26 for a urinalysis when she allegedly made threatening statements against the prosecuting attorney, Andrakay Pluid and her children. 

A Probation employee was present when Neverez made alleged comments of “ripping [Pluid’s] face off,” “mowing her down” and mentioning bodily harm to her children. 

In a probable cause affidavit, BFPD Assistant Chief Jeremy Garrett said based on three dictionary definitions, the alleged comments to use a vehicle to run someone over or to shoot someone down are considered threatening. 

In a statement, Pluid said she is increasingly alarmed and concerned about the alleged threats to her and her family due to her involvement as prosecutor in cases involving Neverez. 

Neverez is being held on a $100,000 bond in the case. 

Neverez has been in the forefront of the community in past months, as she became the interim CEO of the Seniors Hospitality Center April 1. On May 31, she was let go from the position and trespassed. She refused to leave the premises and was then arrested where she was then charged with resisting arrest. 

As part of her bail agreement, Nevarez was required to attend drug testing. When she failed to show up for testing, a bench warrant was issued June 18 for her arrest.  

She was arrested later that day, and allegedly attempted to evade police. She has received additional charges of fleeing from police on June 18. She made bail on June 20. 

Since Pluid is the alleged victim and is both the city and county prosecutor, the case has been passed to Bonner County Prosecutor Louis Marshall to investigate.

A felony conviction of threats against an elected official can result in up to five years in jail.