Thursday, April 18, 2024

Civil Air Patrol open house April 2

| March 28, 2024 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY — The Selkirk Composite Squadron is inviting the community to attend its open house next month to learn about Civil Air Patrol, a nonprofit organization for kids ranging from ages 12-18, and adults of all ages.

The open house will be held April 2 from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Bonners Ferry High School library.

CAP teaches aerospace, leadership, character development, emergency services, and physical training with a motto of “Semper Vigilans” which means always vigilant or always ready.

Why should you or your child join the Civil Air Patrol? CAP is a team-based organization that focuses on training America’s future leaders. CAP also gives cadets a sense of purpose, confidence, and responsibility. Through the group’s chain of command, cadets can advance through the ranks to achieve more responsibilities and experience. 

Cadets are required to complete aerospace and leadership modules along with physical training and drill tests to advance in rank. National Cadet Special Activities are activities cadets can attend during the summer and some in the winter. Activities include leadership development, emergency services, glider academy, physical fitness, and other aerospace activities, which usually last between seven to nine days. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military careers. Another activity cadets and senior members can attend is encampment, a week-long camp for cadets to learn the value of leadership, teamwork, and working under pressure while building moral values. 

They will also be able to explore many military careers, including flying and other aerospace-related topics. Emergency services is another amazing part of Civil Air Patrol. Cadets go through search and rescue training along with radio training. Civil Air Patrol cadets go through a radio course called introductory communications user training or ICUT. This is a two-hour hour online course along with an in-person test with a certified communications officer.

Flying is one of the biggest parts of the Civil Air Patrol. Cadets go on orientation flights with one of the group’s pilots, learning how to fly and even getting to fly the plane themselves. Cadets can apply for National Cadet Special Activities to learn to fly. They are also able to do their solo flight at the age of 16.

Our squadron goes on many field trips. Cadets can go to airports, museums, and other fun trips such as going to Silverwood. We also contact pilots and other people to come to the squadron and talk to the cadets about their careers and other job opportunities.

In Civil Air Patrol cadets will learn about teamwork, leadership, fitness, aerospace, self-discipline, and many other things. Cadets will have many opportunities for their future careers. Cadets are also much more likely to be accepted into the United States Air Force, or other branches of the United States military. We hope you will come to our open house and learn more about the Civil Air Patrol and our squadron. You will be able to talk with cadets and senior members to learn about the program.

Information: 1st Lt Damen Therkildsen @ or 208-217-7377