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This Week In History - Sept. 22, 2022

The Readers Club held their opening meeting and annual reception to the teachers of Bonners Ferry at the home of...

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Fioravanti: A few points of clarity

I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight in regards to your article published in the Bonners Ferry Herald (Aug. 25, 2022).

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Why is Bertling running as a write-in?

I wonder why Tim Bertling is running as a write-in candidate for county commissioner in the November general election.

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We must stand up against attacks on libraries

It is essential we send a strong message that those who attack our libraries and promote censorship are free to practice their religion. However, they are not free to violate our Constitution or our laws.

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Aug. 30 bond election is all about the kids

Our community has the opportunity to vote for our future on Aug. 30.

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If this was about book bans, wouldn’t the Boundary County Library need to have the books?

This cannot be stressed strongly enough … there are no sexually explicit materials in the children’s area of the library. There is no pornography in the library.

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Debated materials developmentally inappropriate for children, teens

Parents are justifiably concerned about materials that are making their way into Idaho libraries and schools. Many of these materials deal with sexually graphic content that is developmentally inappropriate for m...

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Rights come from God, not the Constitution

The argument was made in last week's paper that our rights come from the Constitution and we can do or say anything we want. Wrong. Our rights do not come from the Constitution. Our Declaration of Independence sa...

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A few things to think about on 'improved' campsites

This may all turn out OK, with everyone living happily ever. But before you let Owen Benjamin’s Ursa Rio “improved” campsites (his lawyer’s words) proceed without a permit, consider the following information prov...

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Sign petition and protect our children

Do you want your children and grandchildren to be exposed to pornography, sexual deviancy or transgender content in books at our Boundary County Library.

Updated 1 month, 2 weeks ago
C6-Zero: We seek to be good neighbor

A recent letter to the editor (“Stop the refinery, save the Kootenai River,” Aug 11) is filled with fabrications and misinformation. Allow C6-Zero to correct the record from the top down.

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Library board supposed to support majority

Those of us in this community who are in support of the recall of the library board do this, not with hate in our heart but love for the children of this community.

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Attempts to ban books are attack on constitutional rights

OK, enough is enough! I’m tired of ideologues trying to tell me what I can read, say or think. They’re trying to make their morals and standards everybody’s morals and standards.

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As Idahoans struggle with sky-high inflation, Democrats plan tax hikes

Even as Idahoans are reeling from pain at the pump, shock in the grocery aisles and continued erosion of their paychecks, Democrats continue to advocate for ...

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Stop the refinery, save our river

C6 ZERO lists manufacturing location as the Fodge Pulp Mill in Bonners Ferry off of Cow Creek. Listed as their production facility since October 2021.

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It is time: Strengthening a kind and respectful community

Community can be defined as a group of people with diverse interests, beliefs and characteristics linked together with common bonds. Successful communiti...